Christmas Flowers 2017

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Christmas Flowers

When you want to wish someone a merry Christmas there isn’t a better gift than a fresh colourful bouquet of delightful Christmas flowers. For many Christmas is a time of reunion with family and friends although for some work and distance make it impossible to make it home in time for the holidays. Luckily at FloraQueen, we have the solution. With deliveries to over 100 countries worldwide through our international delivery service, there’s nothing stopping you from shortening the distance with the help of a thoughtful bouquet gift.

The Best Christmas Flowers for the Holidays

Due to the cold December weather many people don’t think that flowers are very Christmassy. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are many speciality Christmas flowers that are grown to surprise your loved ones with and add some extra Christmas magic to their holiday celebrations.

The best flowers for Christmas:

Add More Life to Someone’s Christmas Decorations

It wouldn’t be Christmas without beautiful decorations and without a doubt the main horticultural attractions are the Christmas tree, a few sprigs of mistletoe or perhaps a charming holly wreath on the front door. However, that is not the only part of nature you could bring into the home for the celebrations this year. Add a unique touch of natural flair to the decorations in December by sending a poinsettia, some amaryllis or maybe a few lilies to enhance someone’s Christmas decor. With their deep red, vibrant green and brilliant white hues, they will be sure to evoke some seasonal warmth that your friends and relatives will love. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, perhaps you could send flowers for your loved ones to decorate their Christmas tree with.