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Having been in existence for well over two thousand years, Muscat is the capital and one of the largest cities in Oman. As with many urban centres in the Middle East, a combination of trade and exchange of cultural ideals have allowed this city to flourish while attracting residents from all over the globe. In fact, this location was known to be a natural fishing harbour for early indigenous tribes before it finally became settled and construction began. One of the most stunning aspects of this city is that many of the early structures are still visible as witnessed in Old Muscat and the Old Palace.

Still, visitors can expect to partake in a number of more recent attractions. These can include (but are certainly not limited to) the Museum of Omani Heritage, the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum and the Omani Aquarium and Marine Science and Fisheries Centre. As Muscat embraces the 21st century, an even more diverse range of attractions is expected to emerge.

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  • Чистая любовь: лилии и розы
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