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Mandeville is unique in the fact that it is seen as the only city in Jamaica that is not located near the coastline or any major river. It is also a relatively new town, having been established in 1816 and named after the English governor of Jamaica at the time. Thankfully, many of the original structures have remained intact, and these buildings offer an historic glimpse into the colonial past of the country. Mandeville is also known as a city of "firsts"; housing the first library, the first golf course and the first hotel in the country.

With a population estimated at just over fifty thousand inhabitants, much of the economy is still based off of traditional agriculture and farming. However, Mandeville is also one of the cities in Jamaica that is frequented by a growing number of tourists each year. Winding streets, an elegant clock tower and a grassy square have allowed Mandeville to appear quite similar to many English towns. The suburban areas are now home to many American and British pensioners. This has provided an additional source of income.

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